Proven Exercises for Deeply

and Experientially Changing

your Patterns. 

  • A meditative process that will help you let go of drama.
  • Interactive exercises for deeply changing your negative subconscious beliefs.
  • An easy to follow method for processing your emotions. (We were never taught how to do this - you CAN learn.)

Your Benefits:​
Respond instead of react rashly to life's events
Detach from how life should be 

Enjoy life more fully
Detach from other people's dramas 
Love more and be more compassionate
Align with your purpose 

Get better outcomes in your career, health, and relationships.

Sleep better

Administrator, Canada

6 Week

Audio Course

Veronica Connors

Conscious Programs​

On-Line or in-person COurse taught by Veronica

Speech Language Pathologist, Canada

"I really enjoyed our session today…I finished with a real sense of peace. The rest of my day was so calm.  I gained a lot of clarity that spilled over into my work and home life. Thanks so much for all your guidance and the great gift of this course."


Self Mastery With Veronica 

​"I feel this work has helped me to calm my mind and tame my ego. I take time to breathe and assess what I'm feeling before I act or speak in conflict situations. I'm more honest about my feelings to myself and others and I've learned that I don't have to be perfect!" 

Educator, Canada

"Since beginning this Self Mastery Work I've experienced many changes! I have a new awareness of the connection between my body and Spirit. Now I know that my thoughts and feelings will have a great positive influence on my health."