On-Line COurse taught by Veronica

7 Week

Audio Course

This SELF MASTERY PROGRAM has all the tools you need to

Get Inspired, to Take Action, And to Look Inward for 

Creating What You Want. 

What to expect from Self Mastery:

This program is what conscious awareness is all about! 

You'll increase your understanding of how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs 

influence and actually create your reality.  

You'll learn how to FEEL BETTER.

You'll learn how to THINK CLEANER. 

You'll learn how to find solutions to your problems.

The Essence of your seven sessions:

Enlightenment vs empowerment and what this means for you.
A Meditation Exercise that creates a shift in perspective!
How Affirmations Can Work After You Do This
Learn how to feel better and to stop asking others to do it for you!
Conscious creation - making your mind work for you. This is a skill you can learn. 
Self Parenting I - It's about understanding your needs and taking care of them.
Forgiveness and releasing yourself from old stories




Self Mastery With Veronica 

Veronica Connors ​