Veronica Connors ​

Hi, I'm Veronica

​​I'm an Author, Spiritual Life Coach , Intuitive, and Teacher.  

A Practical Idealist & Believer in Hope. 

Neuroscience tells us that 95 percent of our consciousness

is in fact subconscious.  We know that nearly all human

behaviour originates in the subconscious mind.  This is  where

attitudes and perception are formed.

Bringing your negative beliefs from the subconscious is

necessary for deep and lasting change, because the subconscious holds onto childhood conditioning which continues to influence us as adults.

I teach you how to very quickly clean up your negative subconscious thoughts and beliefs so you can produce better outcomes. 

I teach you skills to feel better right now, no matter what's going on in your Life.

Ultimately I guide you to see the possibilities for joy and purpose in your daily life.

If you've tried everything and you're still frustrated try this introductory session:

I'll show you how to Get Quiet , Get Centred, & Get Perspective

​A perspective that can reveal your unique value.

A perspective that can aid you in creating the change you seek.

Saskia, Spiritual Mentor, Netherlands-Bolivia-Uganda

Nadja, Luxembourg

"Before working with Veronica, I felt tensions around what I call the 'helper syndrome'. I wanted to break free of my unhealthy helper patterns but somehow I was not able to do so. I was interested in the fact that Veronica had a holistic approach. I love the fusion of intuitive energy work blended with coaching techniques.  Since our session I definitely feel less stress and a sense of relief and lightness.

I definitely recommend having a session with Veronica if you are ready to take back your power! I really loved breaking down my pattern so that I could see how my fictive negative thinking lead to the things I do and the actions I take. I really loved our season and found it insightful and very helpful moving forward with my healing and transformation. 

"I have said it before and I’ll say it again – you’re like freakin Freud when it comes to uncovering those unconscious processes!"


​​"Before working with Veronica I was feeling stuck in my business. I was interested in a session because of the combination of coaching and intuitive guidance. Since working together I've shifted negative thought patterns into more positive and helpful ones. It feels easier and more accessible now.

Thank you! This  was helpful for me and I felt I was opening up more during the session which allowed insights and aha' s to come up. 


I Study Spirituality Inside and Out.

I practise daily. I write. I develop tools & Programs.

Join my online community for inspiration, updates, and guidance.

Get The GIST

(Gain Insight for Spiritual Transformation)

This is a 6 session Self Mastery Program and it will help you deeply understand the way your mind and emotions work to create your reality.  It teaches you how to create permanent change in a short time.

You'll get distance from drama, do exercises that show you how your thoughts and beliefs create your reality and use this understanding to create the change you want.  REAL LASTING CHANGE.

You'll learn how to think cleaner.
You'll learn how to feel better. 
You'll learn how to change your negative subconscious programming so solutions to your problems can find you! 


Choose one of three ways to do Self Mastery with Veronica:

1. One-on-one Self Mastery Sessions with Veronica. 
2. Self study Audio program created by Veronica.
3. Group on-line program taught by Veronica,


​Praise for Soul Steps

“Soul Steps is a beautifully written guide for your spiritual journey. Whether new to the process of Self exploration or an advanced seeker, there is a soul message here for you. Let your journey to spiritual discovery and empowerment begin with Soul Steps!"

–Sonia Choquette NY Times Bestselling Author of The Answer Is Simple  
Soul Steps invites readers to join extraordinary women on their spiritual adventures and deepening friendship.  Readers are guided to explore their own lives using a series of insightful exercises.  This is a book that speaks to travelers on the quest for profound personal growth." 
 –Judith Lukomski, Founder Transitions Today Inc., Futurist and Hay House Author

"A fifty-two week journey of spiritual awakening and empowerment. The clarity and wisdom of Soul Steps will elevate your Spirit to new heights."

–Sunny Dawn Johnston, Author of Invoking the Archangels - A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Psychologist, Canada

Get Quiet–Get Centred–Get Perspective
Then get to work creating A life only

YOU can create!